Activities at Camp

On Sunday night, each camper will pick three classes to take throughout the week.  If a camper signed up for horseback riding lessons, that will be one of their classes.

Below is a list of the classes we offer — it’s hard to pick just three!


Archery Canoeing
Yoga Drumming
Low Ropes/Challenge Course Swimming/Water Games
Arts & Crafts* Fishing
Hemp* Street Hockey
Science Volleyball
Basket Weaving Soccer
Pilates Horseback Riding Lessons* (pre-sign up required)
Nature* Rugby
Rocketry* Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee Golf
Drama Volunteer Hall Games
Guitar Tennis
Outpost Camping Lawn Games
Outdoor Cooking* Basketball

*There may be a small fee for taking the class to cover the costs of materials.

All classes are subject to change!

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