Greetings from Camp!

I remember as it were yesterday, being at camp, counting down from September. Here it is, one month to go!
Heidi and I have been out here the last week preparing for what will be a summer to remember!

Teen Counselor letters have gone out, staff have been hired, materials are being ordered, afternoon and evening programs are being planned and so many other exciting things are in the works!

This past weekend was camp clean up and open house.

During the clean up weekend, many volunteers came to prep camp for the arrival of our Staff, Counselors and Campers in one month!

Volunteers not only prepped camp, but built a gaga pit and 8 picnic tables.  We have made many improvements to camp over the winter. Wait until you come to camp to see how amazing camp looks!

We had over 200 people come through our doors for open house. Our Staff, Counselors and Volunteers led guided tours through out the day. New campers and their parents are excited for their week to come to  experience camp this summer!

As we count down to the start, we hope you are too.  We can not wait to meet everyone and have the summer of a lifetime!







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