3 Cheers for Travelers !

Traveler’s came, painted, ate, painted more, deconstructed and left camp looking amazing!

A group of about 25 people from Travelers in Hartford came to camp in October for a Day of Caring.

There were a few projects that HC4H wanted to accomplish before the cold weather sets in. ( Today, its a balmy 42 out!)

The Red Shepard cabin was stained on the outside and the porch sealed. The back of the Grant house was stained. There was a small demo project on an old roof that was completed. Camp looks amazing!

Of course, when you come to camp, you are fed like a King! We had burgers on the grill, probably the last grilling of the year, potato salad, deviled eggs, Elsie’s infamous baked beans, donuts and such.

A HUGE thanks to Tony, one of our board members who led the Day of Caring recruitment and to Peter , also one of our board members for gathering the materials and leading the projects for the day.


Volunteers do make a huge difference in our program!!

8 months till camp begins!! Start the countdown!!!


Thanks for all that you do.



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