Birthday Bash was a SMASH!

On Labor Day weekend, camp was humming with stories from years past, songs, friends getting reacquainted with each other and activities that some have not done since their days here at camp!


We had former staff come from all over the world. Holland, England, Poland to name a few. Staff from all corners of the USA came as well to share in our 85th anniversary of being a camp and 50 years on our current site.

3 days of fun, excitement, old photos, singing camp songs, reminiscing about the good old days ( for some of us, those good old days happened many, many years ago and/or just a month ago). Vespers were held each night with Saturday nights held at the pond with the fire bringer. Poems, songs candle lighting and taps were done by one and all.

Camp is a magical place. No matter how long you have been away, friends you have not seen in years or songs you have not song, all of a sudden come flooding back to you as if it were yesterday. We are the keepers of future generation of those who have yet to experience the magic and family atmosphere here at Hartford County 4-H Camp.

To all of the people who worked so hard on planing this event, 3 cheers to you all for you are the best of them all!

Let’s not wait until 2020 to catch up with each other again! We are always looking for volunteers and people to tell our story. Keep up with us on our Facebook page as well, HC4H Camp.


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