Camp Spirit Awards 2015


Greetings from camp!

Every year, after each session,we ask all of our campers to come together in Baldwin Hall to vote on who they think should receive one of the H Awards, Counselor of the week and Camp Spirit award, Campers choose who they think shows the most spirit, exemplifies what 4-H Camp is all about, (the H awards are based on Head, Heart, Hands and Health) someone who is helpful, fully participates in all that camp has to offer as well as who is a friend to one and all. The results are then tallied and wards are given out each Friday night at the Staff Vespers. The following campers and counselors are the 2015 recipients of those awards. Three cheers to them all!




2015 Winners of H Awards, Counselor of the Week and Camp Spirit


Week 1                                                                                   Week 2

Counselor  Chris Morse                                                   Counselor Jordan Sardo

Spirit  Renee Dackow                                                       Spirit Thomas Mayfield

Head  Lucy Noble, Cayden Hunter                               Head Skipper Carlander, Victoria Johnson

Heart  Allison McInnes, Luke Olivier                         Heart Shane Donahue, Sophia Zagaja

Hands Hannah Levasseur, Andrew Miclette            Hands Sam Wentzel, Alyssa Pearce

Health Olivia Taylor, Cooper Grindal                          Health Jacob Schmidek, Olivia Dummer


Week 3                                                                                   Week 4

Counselor Kira Bradley                                                     Counselor Ryan Kabrick

Spirit Mary Grace Goodale                                               Spirit Rebecca Cohen

Head Sara Beckwith, Alex Susman                               Head Piper Redman, Cal Redman

Heart Bonnie Pusher, Brandon Elio                             Heart Katelyn Williams, Dean Breimer

Hands Erica Ferri, Alexander Kessling                       Hands Aubriella Richard, David Talbot

Health Lauren Walden, John Ryan Goldberg            Health Lauren Eckert, Tanner Lampugnale


Week 5                                                                                   Week 6

Counselor Steve Dolsky                                                     Counselor Morgan Keyt

Spirit Aiden Michaud                                                         Spirit Dawna Westbrook

Head Maggie Eberle, Jaden Sinclair                             Head Alexandra Bedard, Miguel Benzo

Heart  Carly Mayhew, Cole Cassettari                           Heart Carissa Bradley, Jack Pfalzgraf

Hands  Avery Mayhew, Jack Samsel                             Hands Ariana Burrows, Dylan Clemens

Health  Isabel Hawkins, Jack McCluskey                    Health Sydney Kehl, Evan Sipalda




Week 7

Counselor Sondra Whited

Spirit Angelina Pennella

Head Kyleigh Schuck, Bryant Cushman

Heart Mairead Siemer, Matt Peoples

Hands Joranna Jovanovic, Jack DiLauro

Health Victoria Tucker, Colin Pace

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