FAQ for Parents, Campers, Staff, Counselors, and Friends of 4-H Camp

Some of our most frequently asked, and answered, questions about Hartford County 4-H Camp closing for the 2020 season.


What is the status of Camp for 2020?

After several weeks of research and discussion, Hartford County 4-H Camp, Inc. has decided to suspend all activities for the 2020 season. The decision to close camp is based on current restrictions put in place by the state and our belief that we should stay true to our mission statement,“Hartford County 4-H Camp, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a fun, safe, healthy, and enriching outdoor experience for young people with a “Learning by Doing” philosophy.”

Based on the current restrictions, the Camp Board of Trustees believes we will not be able to operate camp in a way that would provide campers a fulfilling experience.  Additionally, we feel that the risk to Campers, Counselors and Staff (even with the increased sanitation, social distancing and diminished capacity) to be too great. This decision is heartfelt, closing camp for the summer season is unprecedented. The last time Hartford County 4-H Camp closed was due to World War II.

Can you explain the state restrictions that guided this decision?

The COVID-19 situation is unprecedentedwhich multipliethe risk.  We understand that all of you, campers and parents/guardians, look forward to the excitement of camp all year long. We do, tooAlthough we earnestly desire to be together at camp, the feasibility based on the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood regulations are not conducive to our camp environment and programming. Examples of which include:

  • Campers must sustain social distance during playing, eating, bathing, and sleeping
  • Socially distant campers, in groups of 10, for the entire week
  • Reduced capacity of campers
  • All camp staff are required to wear face masks, and campers recommended to wear face masks
What about the Birthday Party?

(as of 5/1/2020): Our Birthday Party Planning Committee has recommended that we postpone the 55th/90th Birthday Party (that was scheduled for Sept. 2020) for Hartford County 4-H Camp until 2021. This is in alignment with our decision to close camp for the 2020 summer season. More information on dates and planning will be forthcoming.

I already paid a deposit, how do I request a refund?

If your camper was on a waitlist you have not been charged, you do not need to do anything.

Login to the Parent Dashboard, on the left-hand side, click Forms, and then select “2020 4-H CAMP REFUND OPTIONS” and choose the refund choices that best suit your family.

Please note, Credit Card refunds will be processed in 7-14 days to the card you have designated as “Primary” on your “Financial” tab.

Are you planning a Virtual Camp experience?

(as of 5/1/2020): To keep the “Camp Spirit” alive, our staff is planning the possibility of offering virtual camp programduring various times throughout the summer. The hope is to give our campers a socially distant way to stay in touch with their camp family. More information regarding these possibilities will be forthcoming. Please continue to check our Website and social media accounts for the latest.

How can we help Harford County 4-H Camp?

At Hartford County 4-H Camp, we pledge our Health to better living, for our club, our community, our country and our world.”  These words could not be more meaningful at a time like this. 

Please know Hartford County 4-H Camp season is 98% of our revenue stream and not opening is an extreme financial burden.  With that said, your children’s and our staff’s health and safety are more important. 

As we prepare to close, for the 2020 camping season, please consider donating to camp.

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