Dress-Ups for Your Week – 2018

Week 4 (July 22nd) – [Download PDF]

Week 5 (July 29th) – [Download PDF]

Week 6 (August 5th) – [Download PDF]

Week 7 (August 12th) – [Download PDF]


Parents – we’d love to have donations of fun (and clean) items that could be used for dress-up. This could include some retro clothes, things that “clash”/etc.

Each year our counselors and program staff come up with a unique “dress-up” for each Lunch and Dinner!  That is virtually over 95 different dress-ups each summer! They can range from something simple like Monk lunch where no one says a word until after the meal .. or something crazy like crazy hair day!

What about a trip to Outer Space during our Astronauts and Aliens lunch? Or show your 4-H Spirit, school spirit or even your Hogwarts House Spirit! We may have those dress-ups too!  As always Friday night is our Fancy Dress Banquet where everyone showers (yes that means all the boys too!)  and put on clean clothes, suits, ball gowns, anything you consider “fancy dress” works!  If you decide you don’t want to dress-up at all, that is okay too! Dress-up meals are not mandatory, they are just another way of having more fun!

Just remember, regular clothes are important too, and cabin space is limited, so when you prepare for your week, make sure you will have proper storage for all of your belongings as Cabins are checked every day for being clean! We also have many bins of dress-up costumes in Baldwin Hall for all occasions, these are for everyone’s use, so take advantage of them too so you have more room in your cabins!