FAQ :: Camp Waitlist


  • What position is my child on the waitlist? Will you keep us updated?
    • We do not call or send periodic updates concerning the waitlisted campers.  Sometimes a few children get into their selected week via waitlist, but this is based on cancellations. Typically, there are only a small amount of cancellations. We process the waitlist campers based on a the date and timestamp of the campers original enrollment request and if payment (either by check or electronic payment) has been received. If you have any questions pertaining to the waitlist,  please complete a help support ticket and we will respond!http://hartfordcounty4hcamp.org/contact
  • If I registered for a session and I’m now on the waitlist, can I switch to a non-wait listed session?
    • Yes! Please send us a help request with the weeks you would like switch to and from. Also, if at any point you choose to withdraw from the Wait List, send us a help request so we can process your change. – http://hartfordcounty4hcamp.org/contact/
  • What happens with the check/checking account information I already provided?
    • If you choose to stay on the waitlist and an opening becomes available for your child, we will contact you directly, either at by email, or phone BEFORE we process payment. We do this to confirm that you have not made alternative plans and are still intending to send your child to camp. Only then, with your approval, will we continue the enrollment process. Thank you!