HC4H News :: Ally Pequita Hired as Camp Director!

We are pleased to introduce our Camp Director!

Ally Pequita, a.k.a., Ally, has always loved and treasured the great outdoors. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that she found her summer niche at overnight camp.

For the past three summers, Ally has been the Assistant Director of “Camper Care” and “Supports and Inclusion” at an overnight camp in Maine. As her family continued to grow, her hope was to find a great camp community closer to home, where she and her family could begin putting down summer roots in their native state.

Ally never imagined that from her first meeting with HC4H, she would feel like she already belonged. She is beyond excited and thrilled to join HC4H as her new summer home and is looking forward to many years to come with her new HC4H family!

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