July 14…. Halfway mark already……..

So much to tell and talk about. Camp is full of fun filled days and evenings. Sometimes, it is hard to take a few minutes to tell you what is going on because, well, you don’t want to miss any of the time while you are here!

Our activities this summer have been full to capacity! With bicycle riding, archery  with dragons, making hurricane marshmallows( toasting a marshmallow and swirling it on a plate with chocolate and sprinkles) horse activity,  the royal navy ( aka canoe class) being split into either the peanut butter or fluff team, dress ups, wet battles of the bands, bonkers and of course vespers…….. so much to do, so little time.

Every day I get the honor to go to activities to see first hand what our campers get to do. I can say, without a doubt that our staff do an amazing job with their planning and delivering of our programs. From playing boccie ball down the stairs with Mad Dog, to Capture the flag through the woods with Emily to the ever popular In the Woods with Mike ad Luke, there  is never a dull moment. A new addition this year is a huge 7 foot multi purpose ball in the field. We tie it down nightly so it doesn’t blow away during the night if there is wind. The campers have played giant soccer, kick ball and simply trying to keep it up in the air.

Celebrating birthdays, including our own this year, screaming elbows, and signing we are table number one over and over and over and over again, never gets tiring. To know we are at the halfway point makes you savor every moment as you know sooner or later all good things come to an end.

Today, we played, sang, ate, swam, played in the rain and had a Mr and Miss 4-H Pageant. After vespers, campers went to their cabins. As a song now plays for taps, campers are most likely trying to get the last word in before lights out, which means lights out. Counselors gather for their nightly meeting, staff are in the cabin areas reflecting on the day and Heidi and I are saying to ourselves, “Where did the day go to?”, we begin to plan and think about tomorrow before it’s even here. As I have said, 7 am comes faster at camp than home, tomorrow is Wednesday, Hike day, cookout, water polo and sleeping in the hunt field, weather permitting……….. the week is half way over.

Wishing all a good nights rest tonight. We reflect on our days past and look forward to our days yet to come.

Sleep tight.


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