Teen Counselor Information for 2018

Photo GalleryBeing a Teen Counselor is a lot of fun, but is also a demanding role, which requires: LEADERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY, COMPASSION, COMMUNICATION, ENTHUSIASM and INITIATIVE! As a Teen Counselor, some of your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  • Living and supervising campers in cabins (some who have never been away from home before)
  • Attending to the care and well-being of each camper
  • Assisting Staff with activities as well as afternoon and evening programs
  • Helping with tribe responsibilities which include daily chores
  • Actively participating in all recreational afternoon and evening programs
In order to get you prepared to come to camp as a Teen Counselor, you will be required to attend our three-day MANDATORY Teen Counselor Leadership Training Weekend at camp on June 22, 23, & 24. This training weekend is full of workshops and other activities to prepare you for your week and help you become the best Teen Counselor you can be. It is also a chance to show us some of your leadership skills and work ethic. The information you gain at the training is absolutely indispensable, therefore, EVERYONE must attend the ENTIRE training. Failure to attend may result in forfeiting your week as a Teen Counselor, and we do not want that to happen!
What do I need to do, now that I know I want to be a Teen Counselor?
  1. Complete our Online Application. You will be given the option to list what weeks you are available as well as upload your letter of reference and any certifications. (your answers should be original and thoughtful). After submitting the application, you will receive a copy via email. Save this attachment (PDF format) as you will need it for Step 3 (below).
  1. While still on our Web site,
  • Click on the Camper Registration tab – Most of you have an “Existing Family” profile already set up under one of your parent’s email as the username and password. (Only if your Family does not come up as Existing would you start a New Family profile.)
  • Go to the tab at the top that says Enrollment. Find your name listed as a camper in blue.
  • Click on Teen Counselor Training “add option”.
  • Enrollment option questions- do not fill anything in here
  • Forms – You will eventually need to come back to this tab to upload your complete application and complete medical information.
  • Financial – Click on select payment method or “add payment method” if there is not one there already.
    • Select last payment option “Teen Counselor”. The registration fee $25 is not refundable and will be deducted shortly after your application is received.

You are done when you get a message that says thank you for your registration. But don’t forget! If you haven’t yet uploaded the form (PDF) when you registered (online application) you need to go back in an upload your form by May 15th!

  1. When you are ready to upload your application (in PDF format) that you received via email, from Step 1 (above):
  • Log back in again as Existing Family click on the FORMS tab,
  • Click on “Teen Counselor application”
  • Upload your finished PDF. The deadline May 15th.

Around the first week of June you will receive a detailed email about your acceptance and outlining what you need to do next to prepare for Teen Counselor training weekend.

Do you need help? [Click Here] & choose Teen Counselor from the Help Topic

Successful participation as a Teen Counselor in the Leadership Training Program during the summer season is rewarding in so many ways! It also counts as volunteer hours and experience for college applications, honor society, confirmation, and etc. PLUS, you gain leadership skills that you will use for the rest of your life. We cannot wait to receive your application, so hurry and send it in! If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me an email: director@hartfordcounty4hcamp.org. We look forward to working with you, as part of the team, to make 2018 the best summer yet!