We are table number 1, number 1, number 1. We are table number 1, where is number 2?

Wow. One month ago, we said farewell to summer camp 2015. I need to blog more about the summer during the summer. The days are filled with so much fun and excitement that before you know it, it’s over.

So many different activities were held this summer. Arts and Crafts, Water Games, Canoeing, Bicycle Riding, Science, Archery, Sports, Games, Outdoor Adventures in nature, cooking, camping out and that not ever half of what we did here this summer!

Dress up days, afternoon and evening programs with water slides, snow cones, birthday cake ( this is our 85th year as a camp) games at the waterfront, track meet sand so , so many more!

Hard to say which one was everyone’s favorite. I think it was the Birthday Party we held weekly! Who doesn’t love cake and ice cream, buttons and all the games you can play!

Tribe nights with s’mores and cheers, overnights in the hunt field, every game known to a kid played in the pond ( it was after all, it was a hot summer!)

So many memories on the hike, new friends made and old ones re-connecting. Staff, Counselors and Volunteers who made a difference in each campers life this summer. It was a life changing experience for one and all.

Keep in touch with us through our postings here in Camp Happenings and on Facebook, HC4H Camp.

There is only 9 months to go before it all begins.

So as we do in the dining hall,  again, before each meal. TEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN!!


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