from What is the best age to start sleep-away camp? I’m going with eight.

If you google “best age for overnight camp” or “is my child ready for sleep-away camp,” you’ll find a slew of blog posts from various parenting websites. Most of them include the caveat that every child is different, meaning that there is no perfect age to send your child off to a cabin in the woods to be cared for by a teenager. For some it’s six, for others it’s never. I have one of each in my family.

The articles often cite a camp director or child expert (Dr. Thompson, the author of “Raising Cain” and “Homesick and Happy,” is a favorite) and then offer some vague points of wisdom. Very few actually provide an answer to the question: What is the right age for my child?

You ran the search because you wanted a definitive answer. With a starting point and frame of reference, you can then figure out where you fit on the spectrum. That’s why I’m staking a claim on age eight. – Read More